Refugee Social Services (RSS)


East African refugees arrive in Minnesota needing emergency housing, assistance in filing for public benefits and finding permanent housing, enrolling their children in school, finding employment, learning about immigration requirements and services, finding a primary physician and dentist, and learning how to navigate the many systems with which they will interact as they become settled in MN. AICS provides all of these services in Somali, Amharic, Arabic and English. These trauma-informed services are labor intensive as all of it is foreign to these new arrivals and not linguistically or culturally accessible. AICS staff help families to understand the cultural norms and societal expectations in Minnesota, orient them to public transportation and provide information and warm referral for services not provided at AICS.




AICS performs an initial intake of individuals/families to identify their needs before referring them to the services listed below. Warm referrals to other service providers outside of AICS are done as needed.


Legal Services

  • Connecting families with immigration legal services and assisting with gathering required documentation

  • Translating documents and correspondence they receive from their landlord or government services

  • Understanding their legal rights and responsibilities

  • Navigating services for medical, legal, immigration, government services

resettlement icon.png

Resettlement Services

  • Cultural orientation to MN

  • Navigation of social service and government providers

  • Translating documents

  • Assistance obtaining emergency shelter or other housing

  • Assistance in applying for public benefits such as food stamps, disability insurance, medical assistance, etc.

  • Helping them understand the education system and how to choose a school for their child(ren) and the enrollment process

  • Understanding health care benefits and renewal process

  • Choosing a primary care clinic and dentist, encouraging preventive care

  • Registration at their local food bank