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About Healthy Communities

Community health and wellness is at the core of AICS’ mission. Healthy families make strong communities that thrive and prosper. Refugee communities have suffered trauma which affects their health and peace of mind. AICS provides workshops, outreach, and support for individuals and families to make healthy choices and access community resources. What may seem like common knowledge in mainstream society is not necessarily known within refugee communities, i.e. addiction, mental health issues, second-hand smoke, poison control. The Healthy Communities programs are a pathway for families to learn about avoiding practices that undermine their health and wellness, and options for improving their health status.


Tobacco-Free Communities

This program is funded by a five-year grant from the MN Department of Health. Its goals are to reduce the use of tobacco, with an emphasis on hookah/shisha and vaping, in youth and adult women; and prevent people from starting tobacco use.

If you are interested in being trained as a volunteer peer educator to have informal conversations with your friends and family members about preventing/stopping smoking, please contact Amal Abdi at

Learn more about e-cigarettes and the health risks associated with it.
Press Release: Minnesota Dept. of Health identifies severe lung injury associated with vaping.

Tobacoo Facts

Click on photo to view and download poster

Click on photo to view and download poster


Tobacco-free Communities Social Media Launch

On June 28th, AICS held its official Tobacco-Free campaign launch under its Healthy Communities program. Members of the community were invited to learn about the cause and effects of tobacco-use and spread awareness of its negative effects. The event was held from 5-7PM at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis.



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