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Healthy Communities

AICS is working to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. Learn more about our work in tobacco-use prevention and gender-based violence.


Helping hands to the East African community


What we do


African Immigrants Community Services (AICS) provides a variety of services free of charge to East African refugees and their families. AICS is primarily focused on assisting East Africans to settle, integrate, and become increasingly engaged in their new communities.

Being governed, led, and staffed by former East African refugees who understand the challenges new arrivals face in becoming established, AICS has a high success rate of effectively serving the East African community.



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Partnerships and collaborations in programs and services


Executive Director and Founder, Mustafa Hassan, explains his vision and purpose for AICS.

Learn about how AICS came to be in this interview by the Coalition of Somali American Leaders.